Fantasia on She'll be Coming Round the Mountain

Duration: 5 minutes

1) vn, vc, pno
2) vn, vc, pno, and simple keyboard part

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Programme Note

This piece was a commission from the record producer Rachel Smith for a surprise Christmas present for her family in 2010. Rachel, her sister Laura and her Father, Michael (former organist at Cardiff Cathedral) often play chamber music together but Rachel wanted a piece that her brother, Adrian, who is a less experienced player, could join in with, too, using the two melodies that he often plays at the piano: 'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain' and 'Axel F'. So the whole variation set is based around the 'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain' melody, in a wide range of moods, textures, harmonisations and tempi. At one stage, 'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain is combined with 'Axel F' and there are variations in jazz and latin styles and quotations of melodies that Rachel associates with Michael and Laura.

The piece is available in two versions: one for piano trio plus a simple part that can be played on any keyboard instrument, and another for piano trio alone.

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