Fugue on Domus Pater (The Andrew Morris Fugue) (2011)

Duration: 5 minutes

1) Piano Duet
2) Brass Quintet, Organ and unison Choir

1) first performed by Jeremy Rouse and Tim Watts, June 2011, Bedford School

Piano Duet Version

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Programme Note

This work was composed in 2011 for a farewell concert for the Director of Music at Bedford School, Andrew Morris. The two other former Composers-in-Residence at the school, Paul Whitmarsh and Tim Watts, also contributed piano pieces, with Tim's being two variations on the Bedford School hymn, Domus pater. My fugue, based on the same hymn was performed after these variations, and culminated in the audience standing to sing the hymn.

The fugue opens with a four-part exposition in the key of F. An episode follows, leading to second statement of the fugue subject in the dominant, this time in a more ornamented form. A second episode, incorporating a falling sequential idea over staccato rising scales, gives way to a stretto passage and a third statement of the fugue subject, back in F but in double counterpoint. The next episode soon falls onto a long C pedal, heralding the start of a long build-up, before the fugue subject returns triumphantly in augmentation in the bass, with scalic figuration and fanfare-like material above it: this is the passage where the audience may optionally sing Domus Pater. This final statement reaches a climax, whereupon a short coda in a quicker tempo rounds off the piece.

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