Alan Charlton (1970-2018) was an acclaimed English composer who lived and worked in London, Bristol, Bedford and Brussels.

Cloud and Mirrors - a disc featuring five of Charlton's compositions is being released in autumn 2019, a year after his untimely death from cancer. Release concerts are being held in Brussels on 28 September and London on 6 October.

Brussels concert details here
London concert details here
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Alan Charlton's music encompasses choral, chamber, orchestral, educational, theatre and operatic music. His recent works have explored extended, intricate canons (Sonata Canonica, Mirror Suite and Gaudete!), and a technique of combining two scales at once to produce rich harmonies (The Cloud, Fantasy). His musical style is highly lyrical, with an original, expressive harmonic language rooted in early twentieth century music. His compositions have been awarded many prizes, receiving performances throughout Europe and as far afield as India, Tanzania and the USA.


An author and contributor to ten books on music, Alan Charlton's GCSE revision guides and composition books published by Rhinegold Education have become standard textbooks in schools across the UK. He is author of the bestselling How to Read Music, which has been translated into French and a regular contributor of teaching resources and reviews to Rhinegold's Music Teacher magazine.