Sonata Canonica (2012)

Duration: 27 minutes

Violin and Piano

1st Movement

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2nd Movement

3rd movement

Programme Note

Sonata Canonica, for violin and piano, is in three movements and lasts about 26 minutes. Its title comes from the fact that it contains a canon by inversion throughout. However, it isn't necessary for a listener to be aware of this: my principal aim was to create an attractive, engaging and idiomatic piece of violin music.

In the sonata form first movement, the piano part is a canon by inversion about the axis E/F above middle C at a bar's distance, while the violin part is free. The slower second movement is a strict canon by inversion with all of the violin and piano's music being canonic: the violin part is now echoed in the bass register of the piano. The last movement, in loose rondo form, is again a strict canon by inversion around E/F, but with the violin and piano now being equal voices. A short coda recalls the opening of the first movement, with the violin's music now part of the canon rather than free.

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