Wind Trio no.1 (1988, revised 2000 and 2012)

I Canon
II Pastorale
III Allegro Molto

Duration: 12 minutes

1) Flute, Clarinet in B flat, Bassoon
2) 2 Clarinets in B flat, Bassoon
3) 2 Clarinets in B flat, Bass Clarinet

Version 2 first performed by Laurence Frost, Jonathan Lutz and Matthew Grey, Latymer Upper School, March 1989.
Second performance of version 2: Matthew Johnson, Malcolm Green and Ben Ling, 27 June 2000, Great Hall, Bedford School.

I. Canon

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II. Pastorale

III. Burlesque

IV. Fugue

Programme Note

This work was originally written with good school players in mind when I myself was still at school. Originally for two clarinets and bassoon, in 2012 the piece was reworked into a version for flute, clarinet and basoon, which includes a fourth movement, fugue, that has been adapted from the fugue of Partita for guitar trio. The opening movement begins and ends with a three-part canon, which is freely developed in a more lyrical and expressive central section. The second movement, notable for its soloistic bassoon part, has a pastoral, lyrical nature and proceeds in lilting triple time. Burlesque is playful and syncopated, while the final movement, Fugue is the longest. The fugue subject, characterised by repeated notes, trills and dotted rhythms, returns several times in different harmononisations, drawing on the contrapuntal devices of stretto, augmentation and diminution, with contrasting episodes adding textural variety.

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